Afraid To Walk

by After Tonight



I have shoes you gave me they have holes everywhere
they dont make me run faster, they arent even comfortable.
but they helped me walk in the right
direction for these past two years
this is how I know
im not scared anymore

we love what we hated. we sing different songs
but that part of you isnt lost its in your pocket so pick it up.

If you will be my legs to keep me running, I'll be your shoulder to cry on
If you will be my mind to think this through, I'll be the one that saves you

Take two steps back so you can take a good look around
it wont take long until it hits you, your 3 steps closer.
here we go again... this run around (this around)
change is bad I get it.
but this is how I got to you

an unopen door doesnt mean its locked
so why are you still looking for the key.
an unopen door doesnt mean its locked
youre looking around for whats already found
make your move my friend.


released June 1, 2011
song by After Tonight! Lyrics written by Ken Yamamoto



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After Tonight 東京都, Japan

From Tokyo, Japan on Ice Grill$ Records

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